Mr Ranjbar ran a fruits & veg store for 15 years in Kingsway Shopping Centre and decided to shut its doors on 29/4/19

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Tell me when did you arrive to this country?

” My wife and I back then with 2 kids came in 1999, we were amongst the first group of Hazara refugees from Afghanistan.”

How long have you ran the business?

” We bought the business 15 years ago, my children all ran it as well and this business has kept the family very close together. “

What was your typical day like running the business?

” I’ll go to the market every other day to pick up the supplies and be at the Shopping Centre by 5am setting things up and finishes at 8pm pretty much everyday.”

What did you enjoy most about the business?

” We enjoyed meeting with people and serving the community. “

Why did you decide to close the business?

Photo taken 2016

” Well there are going to be expansions to the shop space hence an increase in rent which is not affordable to us.”

What would you miss most about the business?

” The hardest part for us is that we are going to miss our customers, they are like family and close friends. This few days have been really hard for us, customers came to bid farewell and some of them are in tears which made us cried too.. these days have been difficult.”

Are there any plans moving forward?

” No idea what we’re gonna to do, for now we would just take some time-out and decide later. We would like to thank and sincerely appreciate the local community for their support. We also greatly appreciate the opportunity Australia has given us, thank you everyone!