Local Business Advocate~Meet David, the franchisee of Subway in Kingsway Shopping Centre

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Q&A with David – the franchise owner of SUBWAY

Q1) When and why did you decide to start your business in the food industry?
Well Kenny, prior to moving to Australia, I had owned a plant hire business back in South Africa. I loved working in the exciting and fast-pace business industry, so I thought why not give it a go in Australia. My family and I immigrated here on a Business Visa in 2011, and started our first Subway franchise in Noranda. Subsequently there was an opportunity for me to open an outlet in Madeley, so we went for that and here I am.

Q2) How many sandwiches do you usually sell?
On an average day, we sell about 250 sandwiches, however, we aim to reach a goal of 350 tasty sandwiches on a daily basis.

Q3) What are the top favourite picks from your customers?

They’re all quite popular and tasty, however, I would say the hottest selling sandwiches are the Terriyaki Chicken and the BMT sandwiches at the moment.


Q4) When are the busiest times at your Subway outlet?

The busiest times on a typical day would be lunch and dinner time, sometimes it can get extremely busy all of a sudden and sometimes it gets real quiet and that’s just the nature of the business.

Q5) How large have you expanded with your team?
I’m very lucky to have grown a bunch of 15 friendly and hard-working staff. Majority of them consists of high school and university students who work on a Casual and Part-time basis for me.

Q6) What advice would you give to people thinking of setting up a business of any kind?

Well I think it is most important to give it a good consideration. It is not going to be easy and businesses are doing tough out there. Stick with it for a period of time before being able to see any results, perseverance is the key to success and you’ve just got to keep pushing through! It is also quite true that there is a lot of businesses which fail in the first 2 years. It’s generally only after the third year that you’ll be able to see a positive return. At the moment, it’s a tough economy out there and to survive we got to cut out expenses to the bone to keep going. Bottom line is to keep positive and persevere if you want to see results.

David works very hard and he loves what he’s doing and has a dedicated team of people around him. If you’re ever around the area, please drop in for a bite and make sure you mention this blog and you may get a $2 off a regular Subway sandwich. Let’s continue to support our local businesses out there!