What’s near you?~Meet Sep owner of Pristine Tree and Garden Services

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Meet Sep a local resident of 10 years in Madeley who operates a successful landscaping services Pristine Tree and Garden Services. I caught up with Sep as he was on a job and quickly asked him a few questions in relation to the business.

Q1) When and why did you decide to start your business in this industry?

I was working in the mining sector for many years and wanted a change. Since then I’ve been doing this for 3 years and I thoroughly enjoy my work, I always have a passion for landscaping.


Q2) Do you pick and choose your work?

No job too small is my motto and my clients come from all walks of life.


Q3) What areas do you cover?

I cover most suburbs within reason and has no restrictions to where I’ll would operate.


Q4) Where do your customers come from and where do you advertise your business?

Mmm..I have lots of referral business word of mouth is very important, I advertise my services in the communal papers and online marketing.



Q5) This is a competitive business, what do you charge?


What I charge are dependent on what work is required and time of course, and accessibility can be a factor.


Q6) What advice would you give to people thinking of setting up a landscaping business?

Having good equipment are essential, I only use the best such as Stihl and Hasvaners. The other important trait is passion and patience. Times are difficult it’s hard out there, having a determination and strong desire to succeed is paramount.


Does your garden looks tired and need a facelift or a makeover? Give Sep a call on 0428 926 700, I have sent him many customers and everyone love his work and I’m sure you definitely will!