Video is an integral part of marketing for my listing, here’s why?

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In this modern day and age smart phone users are numbered in the billions and forecast to reach 2.5 billion users in 2019, how phenomenal is that! A good 57% of videos were watched on smartphones in 2017 and video traffic is projected to reach 80% of all consumer by 2019 so what does it means..? Your guess is as good as mine, this days whether you’re on the train, restaurants, parks, beaches anyway you go you will see people consuming videos on the go.



In the crowded world of real estate advertising video marketing will certainly make your property stand out not only that it will also create a long lasting impression. Buyers are able to interact and  connect with the property through video and this will assist property hunters make better buying decisions as they feel confident and engaged to the home before even walking through the door.