Why do I do what I do.

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My background was in engineering, many years ago my wife and I decided that we needed a bigger property for the growing family. We searched and found a brand new home we really like ..bingo! It was listed by friends of ours, we trusted them and to cut the long story short the purchase turned out to be a nightmare… an expensive digital door lock was swapped for an average item and construction defects were not disclosed to us surely the agents knew about this. We were also lied about the achievable price of our property we desperately needed to sell to fund the new purchase and guess what we ended selling the property 9 months later for $80k below the original list price recommended by our agent friends.


At that time, I heard of complains about agents overpricing homes in order to get the listing and unfortunately I was one of the victim. I told myself that if lying is the way to get business which is fundamentally wrong then I would certainly be able to do a lot lot better than the cowboy agents out there.

It was never easy but I found success 4 years after entering this industry, 10 years on I’m still loving what I do and live and breath real estate daily.

3 Principles I adhere to; Be honest, Be respectful, Be courageous.